Textos – Novas entradas

Novas entradas:

GROYS, Boris, Going Public, Berlin, Sternberg Press, 2010
Ver, em particular, os seguintes textos:
Politics of Installation – 50
Comrades of Time – 84
Religion in the Age of Digital Reproduction – 135

Do livro AAVV, The Internet Does Not Exist, Berlin, Sternberg Press, 2015

LATOUR, Bruno, “Some Experiments in Art and Politics”, pp. 40-53
<http://www.virose.pt/ml/alunos/docs/LATOUR, Bruno_Some Experiments_in_Art_and_Politics.pdf>

LOVINK, Geert, “What is the Social in Social Media, pp. 163-183

METAHAVEN, “Captives of the cloud Part III, pp. 245-278


CRARY, Jonathan, 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep, New York/London, Verso, 2013.



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